Sado Mursal – Director

Hi my name is Sado. I am the managing director of Lalis Direct Care Ltd. I established this company in June 2012 and had achieved my CQC accreditation on May 2013.

This is just a little background about myself. I graduated from Brunel University in 2011 with a degree in BSc Computer Science and Business Management. Prior to attending Brunel University and before establishing Lalis I had my own Property Management Company, which seemed fitting as I have a hunger for business.

After that, unfortunately my grandmother had a major stroke which resulted in her becoming severely disabled and now relies and requires the support of others. Watching my grandmother go through this was my main motivation to create Lalis. Seeing the exceptional care she received and the quality of care from all those who were supporting her. I believed everyone should have a sense of security when leaving their loved ones in the hands of others to assist them in the day to day activities.

This tragedy had a profound effect on me and had led me to create a care agency that is client centred and focuses on delivering the best quality service possible.

The fundamentals and core principles of Lalis is honesty, respect, reliability, dignity and empathy.

The decision of selecting a care agency can be rendered as being difficult and significant to make but please know that you will get excellent care from us here at Lalis.

Peter Antwi – Registered Manager

Peter is currently the Registered Manager at Lalis. He joined Lalis since the business was established in May 2013. Since then Peter and Sado have been determined and strived to grow and develop the business to make it what it is today, but they will not stop there.

Peter has 18 years’ experience in the care industry and has devoted not only his career but himself to helping others. Peter is registered as a mental health nurse and so has been exposed to a variety of adults in various settings with different needs; learning & physical disabilities, social, emotional, mental health illness and physical needs. Peter also helps educate and train carers to acquire the necessary concepts of care to enable them to provide acceptable standards of care to service users.

Peter started with Lalis as his passion and desire is encompassed by providing quality of care and this in of itself revolves around meeting their requirements and needs, providing a sense of flexibility and most importantly delivering exceptional service.

Gloria Lett – Care Coordinator

Gloria is a dedicated and well-loved staff member here at Lalis. Gloria has upmost warmth and communicates effectively with office staff members, carers and especially our clients.

Having cared for her grandmother it was very rewarding for her to join as a care coordinator here. With over 15 years customer service experience it resulted in Gloria applying for a position with Lalis so that she touches the lives of many and provide the care that everyone is entitled to.

“I recently joined Lalis Direct Care; a wonderful company to work for who have provided me with the opportunity to professionally develop in the care field and I enjoy working with the elderly.”

Naema Hassan – Care Coordinator

Naema has a 1st class Honours Degree in BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance. Whilst studying for the degree she had become a care assistant and had become very passionate about the job. So upon graduating she had applied for Lalis as an Assistant Care Coordinator and had been successful so she was welcomed to the team in the end of December 2015. After that Naema was promoted to a Care Coordinator role and also is responsible for the recruitment of carers.

Having had previous experience in the field; it makes Naema a huge asset to the team as she can communicate with all employees and easily adapt to each individual’s way of communicating. She continues to express sympathy, kindness and understanding.

Gemma Borromeo – Payroll Officer

Gemma began with Lalis in 2014 as a payroll office. Currently Gemma works full time and assists with any queries and sending over detailed records to the accountant. Gemma is a compassionate, detail oriented and caring individual. Gemma is also an experienced carer so has first-hand experience in what the care role involves.